Why Do Water-Cooled Chiller Have Excellent Track Record

Water cooled chiller

Why Do Water-Cooled Chiller Have Excellent Track Record?

Quick intro into Water cooled chiller

It is a type of chiller that uses water to cool projects, buildings for industry or home use, and then reintroduces the water into the process. In actuality, chillers move heat from one area that needs temperature regulation to another. The chiller that uses water as cooling has its own cooling tower. Because water is used as both a cooling and stimulating agent in condensers of water-cooled chillers. The efficiency of water-cooled chillers rises as wet surfaces are more effective at transmitting heat and also perform compression work at wetter bubble temperatures.

How it works?

Evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve are the four primary components of the cycle of water-cooled chillers, much like any other chiller. A thermodynamic process occurs in each of these four components. In order to cool the water and pump it out of the chiller, the refrigerant is distributed to different phases of the refrigerant at various pressures and temperatures. In actuality, the phase shift or physical condition of the refrigerant or refrigerants is the foundation of the chillers’ primary function. Meanwhile, the condensation of steam or gas provides the foundation for how water-cooled chillers operate.

Water cooled chiller

Know The Benefits

  • Longer chiller’s usable life while using water cooling. When compared to other types of chillers, water-cooled chillers are renowned for their great stability and useful life.
  • Better performance than air cooled chiller
  • Lesser Maintenance cost

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