Choosing a fire fighting contractors in Dubai

MEP Contractors in UAE

Choosing a fire fighting contractors in Dubai

MULTILINE is one of the leading MEP service provider and the company provides professional project management services, which is backed by qualified, dedicated and experienced engineering professionals and one of the top fire fighting contractors in Dubai.

One of the most crucial decisions to be made by a building or property owner is selecting an eligible and high skilled fire fighting contractors in Dubai.

Always consider the safety of our environment and to be able to avoid these accidents especially in countries which has high weather temperatures, more particularly in GCC; basic knowledge for the sources and safety must be apprised to everyone.
In general, the root cause of fire occurrence is when these three main elements come to contact, the ignition source, oxygen and fuel. By removing any of these can quench the fire.

The consequences of low-grade design, poor workmanship, or less quality materials can possibly cause fire occurrence. Genuinely designed and installed fire protection systems should be at service more than ten years. Decisions must be studied carefully as it will affect your building and the people in lifetime beyond.

With these insights and inquiries will help the building or property owner to properly assess the fire fighting contractors by asking and reviewing their company profile and capability for the task. These basic practices should be implemented; after all, it is the building or property owner’s accountability on everything under his roof. Clever choices today can save you from shortcomings tomorrow.

Below are the things will help you properly select fire fighting contractors in Dubai


After you’ve recognize that your contractor have a good references and ethical background, next will be on their workmanship, attitude, personnel and policies. Engineering plays very vital role in the job as it is where all the planning, designing and coordinating comes to an action. The mistakes whether done unintentionally can result to extensive issues later on. Parameters and policies should be properly observed to evade future complications.

Quality Control

Quality control is a continuous maintenance of a manufactured products according in high standard. The contractor must have standard procedures and regular routine checkups for every component for the systems and materials.
Job assignments are very vital in quality control as it has to be done on a regular basis by a capable designated person. Planning, organizing and implementing are the key actions for a positive result.
When the installation is properly done, everything is functioning accurately, several test have done to the systems. The proper turnover to the client must be done along with the safety training. There should be proper signage throughout the building with valves, such as the inspector’s test valve, properly tagged and with ID. Detailed zone charts and maps must be placed on the wall of the every room in each of every floor with clearly indications for valve’s location and purpose.
Once the systems are accurately installed and completed, Certificates need to be signed, witnessed, dated and accepted by the building or property owner and fire department authorities. Detailed drawings in paper form and in CD’s must be submitted to the building owner during completion of the project. Building permit and final fire department approval letter must be tendered by the contractors. Terms and conditions should be received and well apprehended by building or property owner’s side.


More often the biggest threat for building or property owner is to spend low-cost materials which will not last for a longer period of time. Often, this means the cheaper the cost of the material, the more inefficient as it is. It is a high risk if low quality materials are being used though affordable price are very tempting. Tendencies are installed system and materials will not function accurately in an event of disaster. Materials should be standard as it is highly recommended and safety is always rest assured.

Safety Training

Safety training must be conducted after the completion of the project. Contractor should be clear in every details such as do’s and don’ts, how, where and when to use the system properly, advantage and disadvantage of the materials and system.
Upon the evaluation of contractors, their safety record is very vital factor. The state department of insurance conducts annual surveys and gives rates to every trade contractor wherein the records open to whosoever it requires. A contractors rating of 1.0 is ‘average’ Ratings below that mark are above average, for instance, 0.7 rating is excellent and a 1.3 rating is need to be crossed checked.
Safety certification such as from the FAA must be disclosed as well to building or property owner. Quality contractors have gained good credentials and standout over the rest. Checklist of the added measures and safety precautions should be prepared as well to ensure the proper installations.

Company Profile and Expertise
Most of the time, contractors prepared questions with well-practiced answers in a way to unveil their inefficiency. Base on company profile, year of expertise and past works, property owner can distinguish whether the company is performing well. Installation of a quality fire protection system must be taken critically as all other elements of the properties will be relied on it. It is always essential to conduct company background checks. There is a lot of checklist which you can create in order to raise your queries. Good credentials and references will come a long way, but you should be sure that these testimonies and details are legitimate and of from credible clients as well. Every job will have its own hurdles and you certainly need a contractor who has capabilities to handle and amend issues.

Multiline Group of Companies is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Incorporated in Dubai, UAE in 1996, owned by two engineering professionals with dynamic and strong future outlook to provide the best engineering services in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing and fire fighting. It is also one of the leading MEP service providers and the company also provides professional project management services, which is backed by qualified, dedicated and experienced engineering professionals.

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