Breathing Easy: How a Fresh Air Handling Unit Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

Fresh Air Handling Unit

Breathing Easy: How a Fresh Air Handling Unit Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Comfort.

A FAHU system is a type of air conditioning system that provides fresh air to a building or a space. FAHU stands for Fresh Air Handling Unit, and it is different from other types of air handling units (AHU) or fan coil units (FCU) that recirculate the indoor air. A FAHU system consists of a fan, a filter, a heat exchanger, and a damper. The fan draws in the outdoor air and passes it through the filter to remove dust and pollutants. The heat exchanger transfers heat or cold between the outdoor air and the indoor air, depending on the season and the desired temperature. The damper controls the amount of fresh air that is supplied to the space. A FAHU system can improve the indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption, and prevent condensation problems in humid climates.

Some of the advantages of a FAHU system are

– It improves the indoor air quality by supplying fresh air from outside and removing stale air from inside.

– It reduces the energy consumption by using heat recovery devices that transfer heat between the incoming and outgoing air streams.

– It enhances the comfort and health of the occupants by maintaining a suitable temperature, humidity and air flow rate.

– It reduces the noise and pollution levels by filtering and attenuating the outdoor noise and contaminants.

– It simplifies the installation and maintenance by having a compact and modular design that can be easily integrated with other HVAC components.

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