7 Steps to Lower Utility Bills Before You Leave for Summer

AC Maintenance Tips

7 Steps to Lower Utility Bills Before You Leave for Summer


It’s crucial to have your house ready for your absence as summer approaches and travel plans entice, particularly with regard to handling your utilities. This not only guarantees that your house is kept up to date when you return, but it also greatly reduces your electricity costs. Before you leave for your summer vacation, consider these seven actions to help you save money and energy, from AC Maintenance Tips to cost-effective air conditioning service.


1. Make an appointment for expert AC maintenance

Make sure your air conditioning equipment is functioning properly before you depart. The easiest method to prevent needless energy usage that can result from operating an inefficient system is to schedule professional AC Maintenance Tips. A professional air conditioning service can make sure everything is operating smoothly, inspect your system for leaks, and evaluate its efficiency. This prolongs the life of your air conditioning machine in addition to providing instant savings.


2. Make Thermostat Upgrades

Consider switching to a smart thermostat if you are currently using a manual one. These gadgets are more accurate and include remote control capabilities. This means that you may ensure that your system isn’t working overtime in an empty house by adjusting the temperature under the weather while you’re away. When you’re not home, turn down the thermostat to save cooling expenses, but not to the point where it affects interior air quality or humidity levels.


3. Make Use of Programmable Settings and Timers

Make use of the programmed settings on your air conditioner or use a timer to switch it off on its own. This helps you save energy by lowering the number of hours your air conditioner runs. Make sure your air conditioning service does a functional check on these features when they come in for repair.


4. Check the sealing and insulation

Significant energy losses can result from poor sealing and insulation, particularly in older dwellings. Examine windows and doors for drafts, and if necessary, caulk gaps and cracks or apply weatherstripping. Maintaining proper insulation reduces the amount of work your air conditioning system must do to keep hot air out and cool air in.


5. Unplug and Turn Off Extraneous Electronics

Phantom loads are the electrical equipment that continue to draw power even when they are off. Unplug all electronics and gadgets that are not absolutely necessary, such as computers, TVs, and kitchen appliances. Also, if you will be gone for an extended period, think about turning off your water heater. By taking these easy steps, you can save your energy costs and shield your electronics from power surges.


6. Make the Most of Curtains and Blinds

Your air conditioner may have to work harder if sunlight raises the temperature inside your house. Close your drapes and blinds to keep the sun out of your house in order to avoid this. Another way to insulate your home further and keep it cooler without using more energy is by installing thermal curtains.


7. Examine Other Cooling Techniques

If you plan to leave your home for a brief time and are concerned about the consequences of entirely shutting off your air conditioning unit, think about using other techniques to lower humidity and preserve air quality. The use of ventilation fans can help maintain air circulation at a cheaper energy cost than an air conditioning system, while dehumidifiers can help control moisture levels.

AC Maintenance Tips

Following these AC Maintenance Tips and air conditioning service checks before you go on summer vacation can help you save money on utilities and guarantee that your house is in good working order while you’re away. Recall that regular maintenance and wise use are the keys to effective home heating and cooling systems. Thus, spend some time preparing your house before you pack your bags and leave. Knowing that you’ve left behind a clean, energy-efficient house will make your holiday much more enjoyable.


Don’t put off getting your house ready for summer time vacation until the last minute. Get in touch with our qualified staff right now to schedule a thorough AC maintenance check and make sure your house stays energy-efficient while you’re gone. To make an appointment or find out more about our services, give us a call  or visit multiline.

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