Plumbing Contractors – UAE

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Plumbing Contractors – UAE

Confronting with plumbing mishaps are quite common with any kind of living system, but meeting with the right people to get assistance is not. Getting a professional plumber who could give the best service in less time at economical rate is least probable. Now- the queries to get on with a professional team of plumbers are just a click away!

Get in touch with Multiline- the leading champions among the plumbing companies in Dubai!

Multiline is a competent and professional team of technical personnel’s experienced in all sort of plumbing assignments and projects. We are established to deliver complete range of plumbing solutions and services to all industries. We align with the modern trends and possibilities in the field to produce and deliver most sustainable solutions to each client.

Over years, Multiline have met with countless plumbing projects and leading ahead with our unique strategies on client relationships and competitive pricing. We collaborate our expertise hard work and experience to deliver sustainable services that delight the clients. The plumbing services we offer include repairing water pumps, fixing dripping faucets & other leaks, maintaining all kinds of piping, and fitting appliances such as washing machines & dishwashers.

#1 Electromechanical Companies in UAE
Plumbing Contracting Services

Multiline is popular among plumbing companies in Dubai to provide with expert plumbing solutions and plumbing contracting services across Dubai, UAE since 20 years. We also undertake plumbing contracts on annual or term basis to serve clients with the competitive price. We offer plumbing installation, maintenance and servicing by certified plumbers at the best price in UAE.

Our plumbing companies in Dubai and other emirates are involved with Plumbing contracting services for all types of buildings. We take responsibility of:

  • Engineering (Design & Product Selection)
  • Procurement as per the Approved Material List
  • Plumbing works including,
  • Normal, Cold & Hot water Pipe works
  • Drainage water pipe works
  • Sewerage pipe works
  • Pump & Tank Installation
  • Fixing of Sanitary wares
  • Taking Approvals from various Authorities
  • Testing and Commissioning
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What we offer?

Plumbing issues can occur at any time. Only Expert plumbers can resolve these issues effectively. The plumbing system may require frequent Plumbing Maintenance and conservation. We deal with all kinds of maintenance and issues with heating and cooling pipe, waste removal, potable water delivery, operation of pipes, faucets, valves, fixtures and fittings, showers, taps, tanks, and other systems to convey water etc. Effective Plumbing Services and maintenance from multiline give the best for clients with minimal cost and time.

We are proficient in developing an efficient, functional and satisfying plumbing installations or maintenance. All of our works are carried out by professional plumbers and thus our works are guaranteed from leaks, bursts or any other interruptions. All of our plumbing fitting works are provided with high quality materials and tools, to ensure flawless experience.

We are experts in

Now you can say a forever good bye with all sort of plumbing mishaps and problems. With multiline, all kinds of plumbing issues are resolved in no time. Our promptly response and professional approaches to deliver cost effective plumbing services have made us to earn a frontline status among the popular plumbing companies in Dubai.

  • Blocked WC, drains, showers, sinks
  • Leaking water in ceiling, walls and floors
  • Corroded or faulty flexible hoses
  • Broken fixtures in WC, washbasins and bidets
  • Faulty mixers tap and gate valves
  • Blocked or clogged floor waste pipes
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