Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC is also known as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This is a technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. It consists of mainly three activities ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Its work is based on the principle of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Our company provides excellent HVAC services in Dubai, UAE.

Multiline is popular for its diverse range of HVAC services and maintenance to a wide range of industries including residential and building contracting companies, Educational institutes, hospitals, government projects. Being the professional HVAC contractors in Dubai, we undertake every challenge in the industry with our experience and technological up-gradation in the company. We culminate the best of expertise and advanced tools and machinery to set up as the best HVAC contractors in Dubai.

Since its establishment, Multiline is specialized to handle all kinds of critical and challenging issues deriving from HVAC installations at any type of buildings or establishment. With the advanced HVAC management and maintenance system of multiline, we control, manage and take care of all HVAC installations at the best and affordable price in UAE. We are the one-stop HVAC solutions to deliver professional end to end services on all major and minor HVAC’ projects.

Why Multiline HVAC services?

  • Reliable and economical
  • Cost-effective proposals
  • Countless satisfied customers
  • Expert technical panel
  • Advanced Maintenance and service system
#1 HVAC companies in dubai

The surge in Industrial growth and infrastructural development has led to various innovative HVAC machines and equipment by generating more demand on expert hands in HVAC’s. To find ample space in the UAE’s market, and also to showcase how professionalism in the service industry can withhold the market, Multiline is established.

Completely set with expertise and excellence, we aspire to meet all the needs and wants of these industries through a perfectly structured service system that complies with international quality standards. With continuous up-gradation and alignment with trends and technologies, we are striving hard to be the top HVAC contractors in Dubai, to fulfil the HVAC services efficiently and economically.

HVAC refers to the Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning installation on any indoor or outdoor construction unit. It is focused to produce the best and comfortable environment with the provision of sufficient ventilation, temperature and cooling to the premises where it’s being installed. HVAC equipment and machinery require professional assistance and guidance to be installed, serviced and maintained. As the performance of HVAC equipment is based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, Multiline hold an excellent team of engineers and technicians who could meet every kind of HVAC needs in a short time.

We are established to create the most bonded relationship with every single client by delivering the most cost-effective proposals and services in stipulated time. Multiline is always privileged for partnering with our clients to provide the best living and work experience through the setting of HVAC’s.

hvac contractors in dubai
HVAC companies in dubai
HVAC companies in dubai

Our main services in HVAC services include

  • Engineering (Heat Load Calculation, Design & Equipment Selection)
  • Procurement as per the Approved Material List
  • Installation of Equipments, connected pipelines & all type of Ducting
  • Project works of laboratories and operation theaters
  • HVAC works of Data centers
  • Shopping malls projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Installation of chiller plants, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, FAU,
  • AHU, FCU, related pipeline work
  • Refrigeration and low temperature application projects
  • All types of duct works
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Air balancing and chiller water balancing
  • After sales services
  • Annual Maintenance contract for HVAC projects
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