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Air conditioning & Refrigeration

Meet the one-stop solution hub for all kinds of Air conditioning and Refrigeration works in UAE. Multiline can both advise on and offer a wide range of general maintenance services through its own highly skilled team. Our Air Conditioning service delivers the technical engineering solutions which improve the reliability and efficiency of plant and systems. Multiline, #1 Air Conditioning Contractors and Maintenance companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE can offer innovative solutions for the company that expects more from their service providers.

We will keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and lessen downtime. Turnkey solutions for all types of assignments including civil and structural projects. Design, supply and installation of all types of HVAC Systems, Refrigeration systems for all applications such as Hospitals, Schools, Data Centres, Banks, Hotels, Buildings, Industrial Establishments and Government Organizations and much more. Our experience is varied and wide-ranging.

We are a leading air conditioning maintenance company in UAE with exceptionally trained and certified technical panel to offer the best AC maintenance & AC repair services in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. With the advanced and modern set of tools and experienced men, we deliver ample services at the best cost. Over years, Multiline have gained high reputation and large number of recommendations from clients by being among most affordable air conditioning companies in UAE.

Experienced technicians of Multiline is committed and dedicated to provide humble and efficient service with each quote. From the initial consultation to fine finishing with the need, clients are offered proficient services. To deliver the best quality Ac repair and maintenance, Multiline have a spectacular service policy, that has been successfully proved with countless clients falling in various industry.

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Why AC Servicing highly recommended?

Being known for the high end infrastructure and lifestyle, Dubai is the land of development and opportunities. In a country where, the average temperature throughout the year is experienced between 30-35 degree Celsius, the requirements on the Air conditioning systems are highly relevant. With the growing needs of the cooling devices and machineries, air conditioner market is expanding with number of AC manufacturers and service providers.

When the life style in UAE, demands more air conditioning systems to provide with a suitable and comfort environment at work or home, more needs on AC maintenance and service arises. To protect and safeguard air conditioning systems in UAE, Multiline plays a key role. Being popular among air conditioning companies in UAE, we undertake the responsibility to meet every client with sustainable solutions at affordable rate.

We offer:

AC & Refrigeration unit Installation Services

Multiline, #1 Air Conditioning companies in Dubai and other emirates of UAE, offer innovative and exceptional solutions for all clients. We offer Installation and re-installation of air conditioning and refrigeration units for Hospitals, Schools, Data Centers, Banks, Hotels, Buildings, Industrial Establishments and Government Organizations and much more. We deal with all major brands of cooling devices and machineries.

AC & Refrigerators Repair Services

With wide and varied experience in all sort of air conditioning and refrigeration units, our team is ready to deliver all kinds of repairing and fixing services. We are committed to deliver high end technical engineering solutions, with improved, genuine and fine spare parts from the market.

    • Faulty temperature and pressure sensors
    • Loose fittings generating unusual noise or vibration
    • Faulty fan belts
    • Blocked A/C drain outlets
    • Faulty starter motor, relays or timers
    • Faulty temperature control thermostat

The surge in Industrial growth and infrastructural development has led to various innovative HVAC machines and equipment by generating more demand on expert hands in HVAC’s. To find ample space in the UAE’s market, and also to showcase how professionalism in the service industry can withhold the market, Multiline is established.

Completely set with expertise and excellence, we aspire to meet all the needs and wants of this industry through a perfectly structured service system that complies with international quality standards. With continuous up-gradation and alignment with trends and technologies, we are striving hard to be the top HVAC contractors in Dubai, to fulfil the HVAC services efficiently and economically.

HVAC refers to the Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning installation on any indoor or outdoor construction units. It is focused to produce a best and comfortable environment with the provision of sufficient ventilation, temperature and cooling to the premises where it’s being installed. HVAC equipment and machineries requires professional assistance and guidance to be installed, serviced and maintained. As the performance of HVAC equipment’s are based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, Multiline hold an excellent team of engineers and technicians who could meet every kind of HVAC needs in short time.

We are established to create the most bonded relationship with every single client by delivering the most cost effective proposals and services in stipulated time. Multiline is always privileged for partnering with our clients to provide the best living and work experience through the setting of HVAC’s.

AC & Refrigerator Maintenance Services

We provide professional and reliable Maintenance and servicing for Air conditioners and Refrigerators of all kind. Multiline is set to offer wide range of general maintenance services through its own highly skilled team. We will keep your air conditioning and refrigerator systems running efficiently and lessen downtime. We also undertake annual maintenance contract for AC’s and Refrigerators.

Maintenance Companies In Dubai
  • Maintenance of chiller plants, AHU, Fresh Air units, FCU, CCU, Chilled water pumps, VAV, package unit and split units.
  • Maintenance of marine air conditioning equipments
  • Compressor overhauling
  • Kitchen Exhaust and other ductwork cleaning with sophisated equipments.
  • Specialized in data center cooling solution
  • Cleaning of fan coil and air handling units
  • Cleaning variable air valves and filters
  • Dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters
  • Dust and sand build-up in fan and motor bearings
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